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Stop Smoking

Quit smoking!

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GAS (Group A Strep)

UKHSA update on scarlet fever and invasive Group A strep - GOV.UK (


There are lots of viruses that cause sore throats, colds and coughs circulating. These should resolve without medical intervention. However, children can on occasion develop a bacterial infection on top of a virus and that can make them more unwell.

As a parent, if you feel that your child seems seriously unwell, you should trust your own judgement. Contact NHS 111 or your GP if:

  • your child is getting worse
  • your child is feeding or eating much less than normal
  • your child has had a dry nappy for 12 hours or more or shows other signs of dehydration
  • your baby is under 3 months and has a temperature of 38°C, or is older than 3 months and has a temperature of 39°C or higher
  • your baby feels hotter than usual when you touch their back or chest, or feels sweaty
  • your child is very tired or irritable

Call 999 or go to A&E if:

  • your child is having difficulty breathing – you may notice grunting noises or their tummy sucking under their ribs
  • there are pauses when your child breathes
  • your child’s skin, tongue or lips are blue
  • your child is floppy and will not wake up or stay awake

Good hand and respiratory hygiene are important for stopping the spread of many bugs. By teaching your child how to wash their hands properly with soap for 20 seconds, using a tissue to catch coughs and sneezes, and keeping away from others when feeling unwell, they will be able to reduce the risk of picking up or spreading infections.


“If you can make it to 28 days smoke-free, you’re 5 times more likely to quit for good!”

Go Active - Move Together

GO Active is here to help everyone in Oxfordshire get moving. We want to make sure that everyone in Oxfordshire can enjoy the benefits of moving more, now more than ever. GO Active brings together a wide range of physical activity opportunities from right across the county - so please take a look, spread the word and enjoy getting active!


Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week

Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week - the NHS launched a three month campaign to raise awareness of sexual assault referral centres (SARCs) and to encourage victims and survivors to seek help

If you've been sexually assaulted it's important to remember that it was not your fault. Sexual violence is a crime, no matter who commits it or where it happens. Don't be afraid to get help.

Help after rape and sexual assault - NHS (


Oxfordshire’s talking therapies TalkingSpace Plus, here to ‘Help!’

Anybody experiencing anxiety, depression, or other common mental health concerns in Oxfordshire is encouraged to get in touch and see how talking therapies can help them.

Jo Ryder, Consultant Counselling Psychologist, Clinical Lead & Head of IAPT, for TalkingSpace Plus said: ”If you or someone you know and care about is struggling with their mental health and well-being TalkingSpace Plus is here to help you. Our treatment is available over the telephone, via video consultations and can be available face to face too. You don’t even have to visit your GP to get help, you can self refer by visiting our website, Talking Space Plus or by calling 01865 901 222.’’

 Oxfordshire’s talking therapies TalkingSpace Plus, here to ‘Help!’ - Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust


Lose weight - with Achieve Oxfordshire

Do you want to lose weight? Be healthier? Fitter? Achieve Oxfordshire has free 12-week vouchers to help you eat well, move more, lose weight, and improve your health.
To start your journey, please visit or call : 01865 338119  @achieveoxon

Go Sober this October

Ditch the booze this October to help us be there for people living with cancer. Make a real difference and feel amazing!


Breast Cancer Awareness Month

What is Breast Cancer Awareness Month?
Every October, people all over the world show their support for people affected by breast cancer. Our work’s always important, but October is when we get to really shout about it.
For months, the coronavirus put many areas of breast cancer on pause. Now more than ever, we need people, communities and businesses across the UK to help us press play on breast cancer research and care.
From campaigning, volunteering and fundraising, to our life-changing care, support and world-class research - we’re going all out to raise money, raise awareness and make sure people affected by breast cancer know we’re here for them.